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The WhiteLine welders cover all areas of application in electrofustion welding of PE, PP, and PVDF pipes with heater coil fittings. There is no challenge for which you will not find a welder of the series able to take it on successfully.

Wherever applicable, HÜRNER’s all-purpose electrofusion welders have been developed in line with the requirements of the most recent version of the ISO standard 12176-2:2000, the DVS standard 2201-1, and the WEEE directive, with Reg. No. DE 74849106.

Whether it is jointing in the safety-sensitive area of gas networks, including accurate recording of geographic data, jointing components with very small diameters (e. g., geothermal or sanitary fitting applications) or very large diameters (e. g., wastewater applications)—the welders will always make a statement by their unyielding reliability that builds on more than 40 years of developing and manufacturing experience.

The lighthouse products, HST 300 Pricon 2.0 and HST 300 Print+ 2.0, have an extremely intuitive data download menu enabling also transfer via Bluetooth, which allows downloading all welding and traceability data or a finely tuned selection of them, as an abstract or extended report in the PDF format, as a label tag printed with the optional printer, or as well in the DataWork format for processing on a PC.