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The series of butt-welding machines of the new SmartLine Hydraulic generation makes a statement by its superior manufacturing quality as well as by utmost suitability for the construction site. n The machine ships with a hydraulic unit which is absolutely compact and easy to operate. The controls and all electronic components are constructed with standard compliant ingress protection rated IP 54. The hydraulic unit also doubles as the cen tral control panel of the machine with which the user performs all relevant settings and process steps. The front panel features the critical process controls, and also the digital temperature control for the heating element and the extra-large and conveniently read able pressure gauge. n The heating element is connected directly to the hydraulic controller. Therefore, no additi onal control box is needed. n All HÜRNER SmartLine Hydraulic butt welding machines can easily be upgraded with the HÜRNER data logger SPG 2.0 for wel ding parameter viewing, monitor