Weld Control EF



Calling HÜRNER‘s WeldControl EF a true revolution of welding technologies is by no means an exaggeration: it is the first welding system in the world to allow both jointing two PE components using an ef-fitting for welding and a joint of two PE components by the butt-welding process, and it does so without trading in any of the well-known characteristics of HÜRNER systems: small and compact, adding the maximum possible suitability for construction sites.

This result of engineering excellence is achieved by incorporating the electrofusion control system in the hydraulics enclosure using a micro-controller layout HÜRNER has developed from scratch to this very end. Accordingly, the hydraulic and control unit works, on the one hand, as the HÜRNER WeldControl that users have come to appreciate for walking them semi-automatically through the butt-welding process, including all the bells and whistles, e. g., ISO-compliant recording etc. As an addition, simply connecting the welding cable makes the machine switch from butt welding to the electrofusion mode, EF. The machine practically turns itself into an electrofusion welder, i. e., lets you connect the welding cable to the terminals of the ef-fitting, read the fitting bar code with a scanner, and start the welding process.