Data Logging System



HÜRNER’s welding data logger SPG 2.0 is made for easy and safe welding process control and report generation pursuant to the ISO 12176 standard.

The report generation system is specifically matched to HÜRNER butt-welding machines of the Manual Hydraulic series, but can of course be used with other systems effortlessly. The SPG 2.0 control software ships ex works with confi gurations for many third-party systems already installed. Therefore, the logger constitutes an upgrade for manually operated welding machines to achieve ISO-compliant recording, error handling, and welding process control. At every step in the welding process, the SPG 2.0 indicates the nominal and the actual values of the welding pressures and times, to walk the welder operating the hydraulic unit easily and correctly through the process. The unit thereby achieves the optimum welding process, in line with nationally applicable standards, as affecting both heating element temperatures and welding pressures and times.