HST 300 HP (High Power)

Part Number 200-230-041
Automatic Data Logging 10,000 Reports
Welding Range Diameter larger than O.D. 1200 mm
Data Input from Bar Code with Handheld scanner/scanning pen4) Yes
Data Input Manual (Numeric Code and Voltage/Time) Yes
Data input with Fusamatic system or contact identification
Welding monitoring system Yes
Standard-compliant ISO 12176 trace-ability Yes
Label tag print menu
Data download for mats: PDF abstract or extended report, DataWork format, service report A/X DW W
ViewWeld functionalities
AutoWeld functionalities Yes
Display screen LED-lit with character height 5 mm
Input voltage 400 V/3 Ph, 50 Hz
Output current max. 130 A
Output voltage 8-48 V
Approvals, quality, ingress protection CE, WEEE Reg. No. DE 74849106, ISO 9001, RoHS compliance, IP 543)
Temperature range -20 oC thru +60oC
Weight 33kg
Dimensions W x H x D, mm 260 x 365x 330